Cavaliere Ecuador by 20



A box of 20 cigarillos. Cigarillos are 8mm in diameter x 100mm long. The blonde wrapper from Ecuador gives the cigar its mild taste. Cigar is 100% tobacco. Item is sealed to preserve its freshness.

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The Cavaliere range cigars are made from a very high quality blend of tobacco grown in Indonesia, Cameroon and South America.


The wrapper selected for this cigar comes from Ecuador, the land of volcanoes and clouds. The tobacco leaves are of a blonde, golden brown colour. They are grown in the shade of the clouds which protect them from the direct rays of the sun. The volcanic soil is ideal for growing tobacco. All these qualities give the Cavaliere Ecuador cigar its particular mild taste.


This cigar size is 100mm long and 8 mm in diameter. They are packed in packets of 20 and vacuum sealed to preserve its flavours and aromas. The cigars are made from 100% tobacco.


The tobacco leaves are carefully selected and together with the rich filler mixture, we produce this cigarillo with its unique character for your enjoyment.