Jean de la Valette Sumatra Senoritas Bundle by 50



This is a bundle of 50 Senorita size cigars. The lightweight packaging ensures that our customers gets full value for money in tobacco and cigar quality, whilst retaining the freshness of the product. The pack contains a separate plastic box of 5, which is convenient to carry around and refill when necessary. Cigars are 12mm in diameter x 100mm long. The Sumatra wrapper gives the cigar a lively authentic taste and sweet aroma. Cigar is 100% tobacco. Item is sealed to preserve its freshness.

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The Island of Sumatra forms part of the Republic of Indonesia. This country is renowned for the top class quality tobaccos which are grown along the northern part of the coast. The wrapper used in Jean de La Valette Sumatra Cigars is selected to be the very best Sumatra leaf. This cigar is distinguishable by the Cigar aficionado for its harmonious and authentic taste. This cigar size is 100mm long and 12 mm in diameter. They are packed in packets of 5 and vacuum sealed to preserve its flavours and aromas. The cigars are made from 100% tobacco. The tobacco leaves are carefully selected and together with the rich filler mixture, we produce this cigar with its unique character for your enjoyment.